Jen attends the 2019 Winter Crystallography Meeting

On Monday and Tuesday this week, Jen attended the Winter Crystallography Meeting held at Milton Hill House in Oxfordshire. This meeting is a great opportunity for British crystallographers, both old and young, to get together to talk all thing structure! Jen joined fellow Liverpool researchers from the Rosseinsky group and particularly enjoyed Alice Bumstead’s talkContinue reading “Jen attends the 2019 Winter Crystallography Meeting”

Kate, Aly and Jen attend the ISIS Student Meeting 2019

The ISIS Student Meeting is an annual event which brings together students who use neutrons and muons in their PhD research, and this year was particularly exciting as it was the first ever meeting attended by the whole group. Each member presented work in a flash presentation and poster; Aly and Kate presented their workContinue reading “Kate, Aly and Jen attend the ISIS Student Meeting 2019”

Kate and Aly attend BCA 2019

In April, both Kate and Aly got to attend the BCA spring meeting in Nottingham. On the first day, which is dedicated for early career researchers, Aly gave his first external talk, where he presented a comprehensive experimental and theoretical study on the Mo4+ system BaMo(PO4)2. Aly also got the opportunity to join the YoungContinue reading “Kate and Aly attend BCA 2019”

Kate and Aly attend the Oxford Symposium on Magnetism in Metal-Organic Frameworks

This March, Kate and Aly attended the Oxford Symposium on Magnetism in Metal-Organic Frameworks, a one-day symposium in which magnetic studies on metal-organic and hybrid-coordination framework materials are presented. Aly got the opportunity to present a poster on the magnetic properties of the diamond and square lattice antiferromagnet pseudo-polymorphs of KTi(C2O4)2. Kate also presented aContinue reading “Kate and Aly attend the Oxford Symposium on Magnetism in Metal-Organic Frameworks”

Kate Attends the RSC Materials Chemistry Poster Symposium

On Friday, Kate attended the RSC Materials Chemistry Division Poster Symposium which is an opportunity for scientists early in their career to present their work to researchers in academia and industry. The day entailed flash presentations followed by posters from students’ research on a broad range of materials chemistry, from magnetocaloric frameworks to sulphur polymers.Continue reading “Kate Attends the RSC Materials Chemistry Poster Symposium”

Kate and Aly Attend the 2018 ISIS Student Meeting

Aly and Kate attended the ISIS Student Meeting this week, which was held in Milton Hill House in Oxfordshire. The meeting is a fantastic opportunity for neutron and muon users to present in a relaxed environment amongst fellow PhD students.  Kate gave her first external talk here, where she presented her muon spectroscopy and neutronContinue reading “Kate and Aly Attend the 2018 ISIS Student Meeting”

Kate and Aly Attend the ILL & ESS User Meeting

The beginning of this week marked the exciting trip to Grenoble, France, where Kate and Aly flew to attend the ILL & ESS European User Meeting. During their time there, Kate presented a poster showcasing her muon spectroscopy data on zinc doped barlowite, and Aly summed up an extensive experimental study on an antiferromagnetic anhydrousContinue reading “Kate and Aly Attend the ILL & ESS User Meeting”

Kate and Lucy Attend the 2018 International Conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism

This week, Kate and Lucy travelled to UC Davis to attend HFM 2018. While there, Kate gave a poster on her latest results on inorganic and organic-inorganic hybrid quantum kagome antiferromagnets, including new data from the MuSR and GEM instruments at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility, and Lucy gave a talk on magnetic frustrationContinue reading “Kate and Lucy Attend the 2018 International Conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism”

December Update

December marks the end of our first term at the University of Liverpool and was a busy and successful month for the group. Lewis completed his introductory essay “An Introduction to Magnetic Transition Metal Oxalates” for his MChem research project. Kate and Lucy attended the Royal Society of Chemistry Solid State Group Christmas Meeting atContinue reading “December Update”