Kate and Aly Attend the 2018 ISIS Student Meeting

Aly and Kate attended the ISIS Student Meeting this week, which was held in Milton Hill House in Oxfordshire. The meeting is a fantastic opportunity for neutron and muon users to present in a relaxed environment amongst fellow PhD students.  Kate gave her first external talk here, where she presented her muon spectroscopy and neutron diffraction data on the quantum spin liquid candidate, Zn-barlowite. Aly also delivered a 90-second elevator pitch and poster presentation on the work he completed during his Masters project on frustrated molybdenum-based alums.

Aly and Kate enjoyed Philip Welch’s poster presentation on a new Gd-pyrochlore, whilst Geoff Baron’s presentation on the properties of ice under pressure in the context of exploring the outer solar system was particularly interesting. Finally, the 5th annual quiz proved to be a hit once again!

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