Kate and Lucy Attend the 2018 International Conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism

This week, Kate and Lucy travelled to UC Davis to attend HFM 2018. While there, Kate gave a poster on her latest results on inorganic and organic-inorganic hybrid quantum kagome antiferromagnets, including new data from the MuSR and GEM instruments at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility, and Lucy gave a talk on magnetic frustrationContinue reading “Kate and Lucy Attend the 2018 International Conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism”

December Update

December marks the end of our first term at the University of Liverpool and was a busy and successful month for the group. Lewis completed his introductory essay “An Introduction to Magnetic Transition Metal Oxalates” for his MChem research project. Kate and Lucy attended the Royal Society of Chemistry Solid State Group Christmas Meeting atContinue reading “December Update”

Kate Attends the 2017 ISIS Student Meeting

Kate attended the ISIS Student Meeting this week, which took place at Cosener’s House in Abingdon. It was an excellent opportunity to meet other PhD students at all stages of their research, from chemistry as well as physics and engineering backgrounds. The 4th annual quiz was also good fun! Kate delivered a 90 second elevatorContinue reading “Kate Attends the 2017 ISIS Student Meeting”

Lucy Attends the 2017 Quantum Materials Symposium

This week, Lucy travelled to Berlin to attend the 2017 Quantum Materials Symposium at the Max Planck Society’s Harnack-Haus. It was a fascinating meeting that addressed several grand challenges in quantum materials research. The design, synthesis, properties and possible applications of a broad range of quantum materials were discussed, including topological materials, superconductors and quantumContinue reading “Lucy Attends the 2017 Quantum Materials Symposium”

Kate and Lucy Attend the GRC on Neutron Scattering

This week, Kate and Lucy travelled to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to attend the second Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Neutron Scattering. Gordon Research Conferences are a prestigious series of international meetings founded in 1931 that present frontier research in a diverse range of scientific disciplines. Lucy gave an invited talkContinue reading “Kate and Lucy Attend the GRC on Neutron Scattering”

MC13 Comes to Liverpool

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s 13th International Conference on Materials Chemistry (MC13) was held this month in Liverpool’s Convention Centre at the King’s Dock. Lucy gave a contributed talk on our recent studies of the exotic magnetic behaviour in hexagonal rare-earth indates, which is an ongoing collaboration with the groups of Prof Bruce Gaulin (McMasterContinue reading “MC13 Comes to Liverpool”

NMSUM at University of Warwick

This week we attended the UK Neutron and Muon Science and User Meeting (NMSUM) at the University of Warwick. Lucy had the pleasure of giving an introduction to the use of muons in the study of materials during the Student Day and an invited talk on some of our recent results using neutrons and muonsContinue reading “NMSUM at University of Warwick”