Summer Update

This Summer has definitely been a strange one – but also a very successful one for our group. Lucy, Aly and Jen have made the move to Birmingham and are settling in nicely in our new labs before we welcome some new members to our group. We want to say a big thank you to all the other groups on floor 5 that have welcomed us into their labs and for all their help getting us started over the past few months.

Kate and Aly have both had papers accepted on some of their recent research! You can currently find their work on the archives (here and here!) and look out for more updates to follow over the next few months.

We have also taken part in a number of virtual conferences. Jen gave her first external talk at the Neutron Scattering Group Early Career Meeting on her Mn0.5Fe0.5PS3 paper, and particularly enjoyed Dr Roger Johnson’s talk on helical texture of electric dipoles in quadruple perovskites. Lucy also gave her first virtual talk at the RSC Solid-State Group Early Career Meeting where she gave an excellent overview of our groups research and her own experiences in academia.

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