Jen’s Paper is Featured in the 2020 ILL Annual Report

Jen’s first paper on the honeycomb layered spin glass, Mn0.5Fe0.5PS3 was chosen to feature in this years ILL Annual Report! The ILL Annual Report gives a selection of scientific highlights of the ILL and an overview of technical and other activity for the previous year. Our work involved two of the ILL’s instruments, the high-resolutionContinue reading “Jen’s Paper is Featured in the 2020 ILL Annual Report”

Aly and Jen Present at the 2021 NMSUM Student Day

Aly and Jen both presented at the NMSUM Student Day, which was held online this year. This is a student only event held just before the main conference, so students can present their work in a friendly environment. This year featured a number of talks from instrument scientists giving overviews of research topics and currentContinue reading “Aly and Jen Present at the 2021 NMSUM Student Day”

Tristan Attends the RSC Electron Diffraction Course

This month Tristan attended the RSC electron diffraction course,a 5 day course comprised of the set up, usage and solving of electron diffraction data collected via TEM microscope. This course was comprehensive course and had plenty of resources to ensure that Tristan will be able perform electron diffraction experiments in the future if necessary. HighlightsContinue reading “Tristan Attends the RSC Electron Diffraction Course”

Jen Attends the 2021 HERCULES School

This month Jen had the exciting opportunity to attend the 2021 HERCULES school, which for the first time ever was held completely online. The HERCULES school is a 5 week training course, providing a broad overview of X-ray, neutron and FEL techniques. As well as lectures, there is also an opportunity to perform experiments atContinue reading “Jen Attends the 2021 HERCULES School”

Sam Attends the Durham Crystallography School

Sam recently attended the 18th BCA/CCG Intensive Teaching School in X-Ray Structure Analysis. The school was run virtually for the first time, and although it was a shame not to meet everyone in person, the course was a great success. Sam in particular benefitted from discussions over modelling disorder and will look to apply whatContinue reading “Sam Attends the Durham Crystallography School”

Ed Sale and Jacob Williams Join the Group

Today we are pleased to welcome the newest additions to our group, MSci students Jacob and Ed. Jacob and Ed will be researching the structural and magnetic complexities of an intriguing spinel, ZnV2O4 alongside Jen. We wish them all the best in their masters projects, and hope they have a great final year, despite theContinue reading “Ed Sale and Jacob Williams Join the Group”

Lucy’s Paper is Featured in the ISIS Annual Review 2020

Lucy’s work on the triangular-honeycomb antiferromagnet TbInO3 was selected to be part of the ISIS Annual Review 2020! This work, which Lucy began as a post-doc in Prof. Bruce Gaulin’s group at McMaster University, involved a combination of analysis techniques; neutron diffraction on HRPD (ISIS), ╬╝SR on MuSR and EMU (ISIS), and inelastic measurements onContinue reading “Lucy’s Paper is Featured in the ISIS Annual Review 2020”

Kate and Aly’s Papers are Published!

Today was a very exciting first for our group – two papers being published on the same day! Kate’s paper has been published in npj Quantum Materials on one of our groups favourite materials, Barlowite! Kate has explored how the dynamics of the magnetic ground state evolve across the Zn-barlowite series by combining muon spinContinue reading “Kate and Aly’s Papers are Published!”