First BIRMAC Meeting

The first BIRMAC group meeting at the University of Birmingham

We were very excited this week to host the first BIRMAC meeting – a strategic partnership between the University of Birmingham and McMaster University in Ontario, Canada in which we aim to form new collaborations and discussions for our shared research interests in quantum materials. Our meeting was held earlier this week, where our group, along with Dr Mingee Chung and Dr Clifford Hicks from the School of Physics hosted three delegates from McMaster, Prof. Bruce Gaulin, Prof. Graeme Luke, and Dr Pat Clancy. We had two days of excellent research presentations from all members of the meeting, each one spurring great discussions and ideas for possible research collaborations between our two institutes. We also had tours of the Chemistry and Physics departments at the University, where we were particularly excited to see the new neutron source being installed.

We would like to thank the University of Birmingham for funding this new initiative, we certainly got a lot out of it, and we can’t wait till the next one at McMaster this Autumn!

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