Jen Wins Most Creative Poster at the EPN Campus Student Day

Jen had a great afternoon at the EPN Campus Student Day, which brought together all the PhD students from ILL, ESRF, IBS and EMBL to network and learn about all the cool science going on in the campus. There was two short presentations, followed by two poster sessions, and we are so pleased that JenContinue reading “Jen Wins Most Creative Poster at the EPN Campus Student Day”

Jen Presents her ILL Seminar

Jen kicked off the year by presenting her second ILL PhD seminar, this time on her own research. These seminars give students an opportunity to present a relatively long seminar on their work in a friendly environment, and share with each other all the interesting science going on in the graduate school. Jen presented anContinue reading “Jen Presents her ILL Seminar”

Jen works with the ILL Summer School

For the past month, Jen has been supervising a student, Linn Rykkje, as part of the ILL and ESRF summer school – a month long school which gives undergraduate and Masters levels students the chance to learn about and experience working at central facilities. As part of the school, students get to take the leadContinue reading “Jen works with the ILL Summer School”

Jen Presents her ILL PhD seminar

Today, Jen gave her first ever ILL PhD seminar on Nuclear Physics! The ILL PhD seminar series runs every year and is organised by the PhD representatives. These seminars take place every Wednesday with 2 speakers per session. One year all the students present on their own research, and the other year, the students presentContinue reading “Jen Presents her ILL PhD seminar”

Aly and Lucy Publish in the Annual Reviews of Materials Research

This has been a very exciting week for the Clark group as Lucy and Aly have just published the group’s first review paper, Quantum Spin Liquids from a Materials Perspective, in the journal of Annual Reviews of Materials Research. In their paper, Lucy and Aly focus their efforts to present their work in a mannerContinue reading “Aly and Lucy Publish in the Annual Reviews of Materials Research”

Jen’s Paper is Featured in the 2020 ILL Annual Report

Jen’s first paper on the honeycomb layered spin glass, Mn0.5Fe0.5PS3 was chosen to feature in this years ILL Annual Report! The ILL Annual Report gives a selection of scientific highlights of the ILL and an overview of technical and other activity for the previous year. Our work involved two of the ILL’s instruments, the high-resolutionContinue reading “Jen’s Paper is Featured in the 2020 ILL Annual Report”

Tristan Attends the RSC Electron Diffraction Course

This month Tristan attended the RSC electron diffraction course,a 5 day course comprised of the set up, usage and solving of electron diffraction data collected via TEM microscope. This course was comprehensive course and had plenty of resources to ensure that Tristan will be able perform electron diffraction experiments in the future if necessary. HighlightsContinue reading “Tristan Attends the RSC Electron Diffraction Course”

Kate Presents at IOP Magnetism

Kate gave an invited (virtual) talk at the IOP Magnetism conference this month. The programme covered topics such as topological materials, 2D materials, thin films and correlated electron systems. Kate presented in the latter session and discussed her muon study on the Zn-barlowite series of QSL candidates. The conference also included a public lecture entitledContinue reading “Kate Presents at IOP Magnetism”