Kate and Aly’s Papers are Published!

Today was a very exciting first for our group – two papers being published on the same day! Kate’s paper has been published in npj Quantum Materials on one of our groups favourite materials, Barlowite! Kate has explored how the dynamics of the magnetic ground state evolve across the Zn-barlowite series by combining muon spinContinue reading “Kate and Aly’s Papers are Published!”

Jen’s First Paper is Published!

Today was an exciting day for the group as Jen’s first paper was published in Physical Review Materials on the nuclear and magnetic ordering of the honeycomb layered spin glass Mn0.5Fe0.5PS3. This work combines a series of neutron scattering and magnetisation measurements, some of which were collected in Jen’s very first two weeks as aContinue reading “Jen’s First Paper is Published!”

Clark Group moves to Birmingham!

Today, marks a very important day for our group as Lucy moves to the University of Birmingham to take up a senior lectureship position in the School of Chemistry. Aly and Jen have both transferred their studentships to Birmingham, whilst Kate has decided to stay in Liverpool to finish up her PhD. Although this wasn’tContinue reading “Clark Group moves to Birmingham!”

Jen attends the 2020 ISIS Neutron Training Course

This March, Jen attended the ISIS neutron training course, a practical course that gives PhD students the opportunity to get hands-on experience of neutron scattering with ISIS instruments and to meet fellow students just joining the neutron scattering community. As part of the Physics stream, Jen got the opportunity to perform experiments on GEM, INESContinue reading “Jen attends the 2020 ISIS Neutron Training Course”

Aly’s First Paper is Published!

This year ended on an exciting note for the group as Aly published his first ever paper in Physical Review B explaining the one dimensional behaviour exhibited by the triangular lattice S=1 system, BaMo(PO4)2. In it, a comprehensive study, involving elastic and inelastic neutron scattering, thermodynamic property measurements, and ab initio calculations – performed inContinue reading “Aly’s First Paper is Published!”

First Diamond Experiment

Kate, Aly and Jen undertook a mammoth two week trip to the Harwell campus to complete three back-to-back experiments. First up, was Aly’s experiment on MAPS, where we explored the spin-orbit transitions in his titanium oxolates with the help of Dr Ross Stewart. Then, we moved to the other target station, to complete Kate’s experimentContinue reading “First Diamond Experiment”

Jen attends the 2019 Winter Crystallography Meeting

On Monday and Tuesday this week, Jen attended the Winter Crystallography Meeting held at Milton Hill House in Oxfordshire. This meeting is a great opportunity for British crystallographers, both old and young, to get together to talk all thing structure! Jen joined fellow Liverpool researchers from the Rosseinsky group and particularly enjoyed Alice Bumstead’s talkContinue reading “Jen attends the 2019 Winter Crystallography Meeting”