Aly and Lucy Publish in the Annual Reviews of Materials Research

This has been a very exciting week for the Clark group as Lucy and Aly have just published the group’s first review paper, Quantum Spin Liquids from a Materials Perspective, in the journal of Annual Reviews of Materials Research. In their paper, Lucy and Aly focus their efforts to present their work in a mannerContinue reading “Aly and Lucy Publish in the Annual Reviews of Materials Research”

Jen’s Paper is Featured in the 2020 ILL Annual Report

Jen’s first paper on the honeycomb layered spin glass, Mn0.5Fe0.5PS3 was chosen to feature in this years ILL Annual Report! The ILL Annual Report gives a selection of scientific highlights of the ILL and an overview of technical and other activity for the previous year. Our work involved two of the ILL’s instruments, the high-resolutionContinue reading “Jen’s Paper is Featured in the 2020 ILL Annual Report”

Lucy’s Paper is Featured in the ISIS Annual Review 2020

Lucy’s work on the triangular-honeycomb antiferromagnet TbInO3 was selected to be part of the ISIS Annual Review 2020! This work, which Lucy began as a post-doc in Prof. Bruce Gaulin’s group at McMaster University, involved a combination of analysis techniques; neutron diffraction on HRPD (ISIS), μSR on MuSR and EMU (ISIS), and inelastic measurements onContinue reading “Lucy’s Paper is Featured in the ISIS Annual Review 2020”

Kate and Aly’s Papers are Published!

Today was a very exciting first for our group – two papers being published on the same day! Kate’s paper has been published in npj Quantum Materials on one of our groups favourite materials, Barlowite! Kate has explored how the dynamics of the magnetic ground state evolve across the Zn-barlowite series by combining muon spinContinue reading “Kate and Aly’s Papers are Published!”

Jen’s First Paper is Published!

Today was an exciting day for the group as Jen’s first paper was published in Physical Review Materials on the nuclear and magnetic ordering of the honeycomb layered spin glass Mn0.5Fe0.5PS3. This work combines a series of neutron scattering and magnetisation measurements, some of which were collected in Jen’s very first two weeks as aContinue reading “Jen’s First Paper is Published!”

Aly’s First Paper is Published!

This year ended on an exciting note for the group as Aly published his first ever paper in Physical Review B explaining the one dimensional behaviour exhibited by the triangular lattice S=1 system, BaMo(PO4)2. In it, a comprehensive study, involving elastic and inelastic neutron scattering, thermodynamic property measurements, and ab initio calculations – performed inContinue reading “Aly’s First Paper is Published!”

Kate and Lucy publish in Inorganic Chemistry!

This week, Kate and Lucy celebrated the publication of their paper entitled “Materialization of a Geometrically Frustrated Magnet in a Hybrid Coordination Framework: A Study of the Iron(II) Oxalate Fluoride Framework, KFe(C2O4)F)”. The work is a continuation of a project that Lucy worked on in Prof Phil Lightfoot’s group at the University of St Andrews,Continue reading “Kate and Lucy publish in Inorganic Chemistry!”

Lucy’s Paper is Published in Nature Physics

2019 begin with some exciting news for the group with a publication in Nature Physics on Lucy’s recent work on the two-dimensional spin liquid behaviour in the rare-earth magnet, TbInO3. The study – which involved an international collaboration with the groups of Prof Bruce Gaulin at McMaster University and Prof Sang-Wook Cheong at Rutgers UniversityContinue reading “Lucy’s Paper is Published in Nature Physics”

Kate’s Paper on Barlowite is Published

This month ended with a very important milestone for the group! Kate’s first paper on the nuclear and magnetic structures of the quantum kagome antiferromagnet mineral, Cu4(OH)6FBr, known as barlowite was published as a Rapid Communication in the American Physical Society journal, Physical Review Materials. Barlowite is one of the hottest topics in highly frustratedContinue reading “Kate’s Paper on Barlowite is Published”