Kate and Aly attend the Oxford Symposium on Magnetism in Metal-Organic Frameworks

This March, Kate and Aly attended the Oxford Symposium on Magnetism in Metal-Organic Frameworks, a one-day symposium in which magnetic studies on metal-organic and hybrid-coordination framework materials are presented. Aly got the opportunity to present a poster on the magnetic properties of the diamond and square lattice antiferromagnet pseudo-polymorphs of KTi(C2O4)2. Kate also presented a poster which was focused on Cu(II)-based kagome layered metal-organic framework materials.

While all the speakers presented fascinating work, Aly and Kate specifically enjoyed the talks given by Prof. Andrew Goodwin and Dr. Kasper Pedersen. The introductory talk presented by Bart Olsthoorn on the Organic Materials Database also proved to be very interesting.

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