Kate and Aly Attend the ILL & ESS User Meeting

GrenobleThe beginning of this week marked the exciting trip to Grenoble, France, where Kate and Aly flew to attend the ILL & ESS European User Meeting. During their time there, Kate presented a poster showcasing her muon spectroscopy data on zinc doped barlowite, and Aly summed up an extensive experimental study on an antiferromagnetic anhydrous alum in a poster. This conference was an excellent opportunity to identify all the various applications of neutrons across multiple fields and for meeting researchers at all stages. Many thrilling talks on the future of ILL and ESS were presented, and Kate and Aly particularly enjoyed the scientific updates presented by Joe Paddison on the magnetic behaviour of a frustrated kagome lattice and Elisabetta Nocerino’s muon study of a one-dimensional magnetic system prepared through high-pressure synthesis. Kate and Aly also enjoyed the cheese and wine event at the end of the conference!

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