NMSUM 2023

This week the group attended the UK Neutron & Muon Science and User Meeting (NMSUM23) held at Warwick University. This is the first time the conference has hit pre-pandemic capacity, so was an excellent meeting to get to know other members in our scientific community and listen to all of the talks which utilise the ISIS facilities for a wide variety of research disciplines. The parallel sessions on magnetism were a really interesting component of the conference for the Clark group, where Amie’s favourite talk was ‘Low Dimensional Metal–Organic Magnets as a Route toward the S = 2 Haldane Phase’ given by Jem Pitcairn. Sam and Aly also gave excellent talks in this section titled ‘Uncovering the S = ½ Kagome Ferromagnet within a Family of Metal-Organic Frameworks’ and ‘Exchange anisotropy and Kitaev physics in the jeff = ½ honeycomb magnet, RuP3SiO11’, respectively. Tristan presented a poster on the continued magnetic study of reducing dimensionality in a family of kagome-containing MOFs. Amie was able to present her first poster presenting the inelastic neutron scattering data and SpinW simulations on the MOF-bpy system.

Finally, Dr Otto Mustonen was awarded with the 2023 BTM Willis Prize! This was for Otto’s work using neutron and muon techniques for the design, synthesis, and investigation of long-sought models of quantum magnetism. Well done Otto!

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