Jen Presents her ILL Seminar

Can a magnet take a liquid like state of matter? Hopefully all the ILL PhD students know the answer to that question after Jen’s presentation this afternoon!

Jen kicked off the year by presenting her second ILL PhD seminar, this time on her own research. These seminars give students an opportunity to present a relatively long seminar on their work in a friendly environment, and share with each other all the interesting science going on in the graduate school. Jen presented an overview of our groups research aims into frustrated magnetism, analysis on the D7 instrument and some of her recent work into LiYbO2. It was an afternoon full of frustrated magnetism, as following Jen was Tomas Northam de la Fuente from Jon Goff’s group who presented some really interesting work on the spin ice ground state of the pyrochlore, scandium doped Ho2Ti2O7.

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