Jen Presents her ILL PhD seminar

Jen started with the history of the nucleus. The trick here is to never say that we have reached as small as the nucleus can get, because then someone comes along to beat it!

Today, Jen gave her first ever ILL PhD seminar on Nuclear Physics! The ILL PhD seminar series runs every year and is organised by the PhD representatives. These seminars take place every Wednesday with 2 speakers per session. One year all the students present on their own research, and the other year, the students present on an aspect of work done at the ILL which is completely different from their own field of research! Jen was assigned an introduction to nuclear physics and so explained nuclear structure, binding energy, stability of nuclei and decay mechanisms. Jen really enjoyed researching something a bit different from her usual magnetism and found it a good challenge to explain nuclear physics concepts to the other students who come from a wide range of backgrounds. Jen got some lovely feedback on her presentation, and has really enjoyed all the seminars done by the other students this year.

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