Jen works with the ILL Summer School

For the past month, Jen has been supervising a student, Linn Rykkje, as part of the ILL and ESRF summer school – a month long school which gives undergraduate and Masters levels students the chance to learn about and experience working at central facilities. As part of the school, students get to take the lead on a mini project, and are supervised by PhD and post-docs at the ILL and ESRF. Jen got the opportunity to work with Linn, a first year MSc student at the University of Oslo studying Materials Science for Energy and Nanotechnology. For Linn’s project, she explored the synthesis of ion-ordered analogues to YbMgGaO4 through sol-gel methods, a difficult task! Although we weren’t able to make the final material we wanted, Linn made great progress with this project in such a short amount of time, and was able to identify a number of phases within her samples. The school also involved several group outings, including a delicious final meal at the O2 restaurant at the Bastille (with a strange contemporary dance show also going on at the same time)!

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