Aly’s First Paper is Published!

This year ended on an exciting note for the group as Aly published his first ever paper in Physical Review B explaining the one dimensional behaviour exhibited by the triangular lattice S=1 system, BaMo(PO4)2. In it, a comprehensive study, involving elastic and inelastic neutron scattering, thermodynamic property measurements, and ab initio calculations – performed inContinue reading “Aly’s First Paper is Published!”

First Diamond Experiment

Kate, Aly and Jen undertook a mammoth two week trip to the Harwell campus to complete three back-to-back experiments. First up, was Aly’s experiment on MAPS, where we explored the spin-orbit transitions in his titanium oxolates with the help of Dr Ross Stewart. Then, we moved to the other target station, to complete Kate’s experimentContinue reading “First Diamond Experiment”

Jen attends the 2019 Winter Crystallography Meeting

On Monday and Tuesday this week, Jen attended the Winter Crystallography Meeting held at Milton Hill House in Oxfordshire. This meeting is a great opportunity for British crystallographers, both old and young, to get together to talk all thing structure! Jen joined fellow Liverpool researchers from the Rosseinsky group and particularly enjoyed Alice Bumstead’s talkContinue reading “Jen attends the 2019 Winter Crystallography Meeting”

Kate, Aly and Jen attend the ISIS Student Meeting 2019

The ISIS Student Meeting is an annual event which brings together students who use neutrons and muons in their PhD research, and this year was particularly exciting as it was the first ever meeting attended by the whole group. Each member presented work in a flash presentation and poster; Aly and Kate presented their workContinue reading “Kate, Aly and Jen attend the ISIS Student Meeting 2019”

Aly and Kate attend the 16th Oxford School on Neutron Scattering

Aly and Kate spent the first half of September at the Oxford Neutron School, which is biennial event that brings together PhD students from across the world to learn about neutron scattering from a theoretical perspective. A host of academics and instrument scientists from neutron facilities delivered excellent lectures and tutorials. The group enjoyed socialContinue reading “Aly and Kate attend the 16th Oxford School on Neutron Scattering”

Kate attends the International Advanced School in Muon Spectroscopy

The first school of this type since the 1998 Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics, the Advanced Muon School brought together PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at ISIS to learn about advanced techniques in muon spectroscopy. Over 30 speakers delivered lectures and workshops, and Kate particularly enjoyed Prof. Tom Lancaster’s lectures on the application ofContinue reading “Kate attends the International Advanced School in Muon Spectroscopy”

Graduation Day 2019

Friday was a very exciting day for our group as our three Masters students graduated from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Adam and Brendan received their MChem’s whilst Jen received her MPhys after four years of hard work. It was also very exciting as this was Lucy’s first graduation experience as an academic. Despite theContinue reading “Graduation Day 2019”

First Group Trip to ILL

This week Kate and Jen performed the groups first experiment on D2B at the Institut Laue-Langevin in Grenoble, France. It was a great (but very hot) experience where we collected some excellent data on barlowite for Kate’s work. We are grateful to our instrument scientist, Dr Clemens Ritter for all his help and explaining howContinue reading “First Group Trip to ILL”

Aly attends the ISIS Neutron Training Course 2019

This June, Aly had the exciting opportunity to join the ISIS neutron training course in which the basic principles of neutron scattering are explored. As a part of the Physics stream, Aly had the chance to perform experiments on multiple ISIS instruments. As most of the delegates were early PhD students, this course provided anContinue reading “Aly attends the ISIS Neutron Training Course 2019”

Kate Visits Université de Lille

Kate visited Lille this week to perform some specific heat measurements with the kind help of Dr Angel Arevalo Lopez. It was great to see the Chemistry department there and to have the opportunity to give a seminar encompassing recently published work on oxalate materials, past work on barlowite and ongoing work on metal organic-frameworkContinue reading “Kate Visits Université de Lille”