December Update

December marks the end of our first term at the University of Liverpool and was a busy and successful month for the group. Lewis completed his introductory essay “An Introduction to Magnetic Transition Metal Oxalates” for his MChem research project. Kate and Lucy attended the Royal Society of Chemistry Solid State Group Christmas Meeting atContinue reading “December Update”

Lewis Farrar Joins the Group

Today we welcome Lewis to the group for his MChem research project. Lewis will be joining us for our upcoming muon beam time to explore magnetic¬†ordering phenomena in novel transition metal oxalate compounds. We are very pleased to have Lewis in Our Team and wish him all the best with his final year of studiesContinue reading “Lewis Farrar Joins the Group”

Summer Students

Current University of Liverpool Chemistry undergraduate students Mollie Williams, Nicole Lawrence and Adam Tollitt began their summer studentships today. Mollie was awarded support for her summer project through the Royal Society of Chemistry’s competitive Undergraduate Research Bursaries scheme and Nicole and Adam were funded through our University of Liverpool Early Career and Returners Fund grant.Continue reading “Summer Students”