Christmas 2021

This year has been a very exciting one for our group – Kate passed her viva, Jen moved to France, Aly moved to ISIS, and we welcomed 6 new group members! Next year promises to be exciting as well, we have lots of papers in the works and will be advertising for 2 new post-doc positions with our Leverhulme Trust grant.

However, like many people, our group has spent the past 18 months communicating virtually with each other. This week we had the exciting opportunity to get to see each other in three dimensions during our Christmas party, for many group members, this was their first time seeing if they had guessed correctly how tall other members were! Our Christmas outing took us to Hen and Chickens for a yummy curry, a number of bars, and a game of Secret Santa.

Merry Christmas everyone, see you in the New Year!

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