New Group Members

This has been a busy month for our group as we welcome five new students!

We have two new PhD students starting this week, Grady Beckett, who has just completed his MPhys at the University of Warwick and Amie Troath, who completed their MSci in Chemistry at the University of Birmingham last year. Grady will be working on crystal growth and scattering studies of metallic frustrated magnets, alongside his co-supervisor Dr Ross Stewart at the ISIS facility. Amie is joining us through the EPSRC CDT in Topological Design to work on the synthesis and characterisation of new topological magnets. 

We also have three new Masters students who will be working with us throughout the year; Will Freeman, Izzy Munford and Izzy Kirby. Izzy M will be working on the synthesis of new two-dimensional quantum magnets, whilst Will’s project focus on the characterisation of magnetic metal-organic frameworks using powder neutron diffraction. Izzy K will be working on setting up and utilising the new Midlands Mag-Lab, an exciting venture supported through our 2020 EPSRC Strategic Equipment Award.

Welcome to the group everyone, hope you enjoy your projects and time with us!

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