Jen’s First Paper is Published!

Single crystal diffraction patterns of Mn0.5Fe0.5PS3 compared against the reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) model.

Today was an exciting day for the group as Jen’s first paper was published in Physical Review Materials on the nuclear and magnetic ordering of the honeycomb layered spin glass Mn0.5Fe0.5PS3.

This work combines a series of neutron scattering and magnetisation measurements, some of which were collected in Jen’s very first two weeks as a PhD student! Using xyz-polarisation analysis on powder data collected on D7, we explored the nature of the spin correlations that made up the spin glass and were able to accurately reconstruct our single crystal diffraction patterns with reverse Monte Carlo methods on the program SPINVERT. This work is in collaboration with Dr Matt Coak at the University of Warwick and Prof Je-Geun Park and Suhan Son at the Seoul National University.

Read the paper here!

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