First Diamond Experiment

Kate, Aly and Jen undertook a mammoth two week trip to the Harwell campus to complete three back-to-back experiments. First up, was Aly’s experiment on MAPS, where we explored the spin-orbit transitions in his titanium oxolates with the help of Dr Ross Stewart. Then, we moved to the other target station, to complete Kate’s experiment on WISH with Dr Pascal Manuel, a neutron powder diffraction study on the spin ordering in two ferromagnetic MOFs.

Finally, we performed our first group experiment at Diamond Light Source, the UK’s national synchrotron facility. With the help of a static gun and electronic toothbrush we were able to pack all of our capillaries for Kate’s experiment resolving the magnetic peaks of Barlowite on the high resolution I11 beamline. Thanks to our instrument scientists, Dr Claire Murray and Dr Stephen Thompson for all their help setting up the experiment.

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