Tristan and Grady Attend the 2021 ISIS Student Meeting

Tristan and Grady got the opportunity to attend the ISIS student conference this week in Oxford. The conference was a lot of fun and it was great to actually engage with other humans in person as opposed to virtually. Upon arrival, they both took a tour of the ISIS facility including the multiple coloured beamlines suitable for several involved analysis methods, it was very exciting as this was the first trip to ISIS for both of them. Tristan then took part in the annual Gong show – a 90 second elevator pitch of his poster before showing other students some of his work from the past year in the main session. Lucy, also appeared on a careers panel at the meeting, talking about her journey to where she is now. There were lots of great presentations and Tristan and Grady had a fun time at their first real life conference, thanks to the organisers for putting on the event!

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