Lucy’s Paper is Published in Nature Physics

2019 begin with some exciting news for the group with a publication in Nature Physics on Lucy’s recent work on the two-dimensional spin liquid behaviour in the rare-earth magnet, TbInO3.

The study – which involved an international collaboration with the groups of Prof Bruce Gaulin at McMaster University and Prof Sang-Wook Cheong at Rutgers University – reveals TbInOto be a unique realisation of a quantum spin liquid. This is because based on its crystal structure alone, one would not expect this material to display such unusual magnetic behaviour. Instead, the quantum spin liquid state in TbInO3 emerges from the complexity of the local environment around the magnetic ions in the material, in this case, of the rare-earth element terbium.

For more details, see the publication here.

The triangular-honeycomb lattice of terbium moments in TbInO3.

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