Kate and Lucy Attend the GRC on Neutron Scattering


This week, Kate and Lucy travelled to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to attend the second Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Neutron Scattering. Gordon Research Conferences are a prestigious series of international meetings founded in 1931 that present frontier research in a diverse range of scientific disciplines.

Lucy gave an invited talk in the New Magnetic Materials session to discuss recent developments in our work on “New Realisations of Frustrated Spin Systems.” Kate presented a poster on her MChem project work, “Structural Studies of NaNbO3 and LixNa1–xNbO3 using Powder Diffraction and Solid-State NMR” (led by Dr Karen Johnston at Durham University) at the main GRC meeting and the Gordon Research Seminar that preceded it.

Overall, it was an extremely fun week filled with plenty of fascinating and thought-provoking scientific discussion. Particular highlights for us included Prof Andrew Goodwin’s (University of Oxford) lecture on correlated disorder and diffuse scattering and Prof Hiroshi Kageyama’s (Kyoto University) presentation on neutron scattering studies of mixed anion materials.

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