MC13 Comes to Liverpool

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s 13th International Conference on Materials Chemistry (MC13) was held this month in Liverpool’s Convention Centre at the King’s Dock. Lucy gave a contributed talk on our recent studies of the exotic magnetic behaviour in hexagonal rare-earth indates, which is an ongoing collaboration with the groups of Prof Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University) and Prof Sang-Wook Cheong (Rutgers University).

We enjoyed several excellent presentations from some of our materials chemistry colleagues from the University of Liverpool, as well as inspiring plenary lectures on topological materials and magnetic metal oxides by Prof Claudia Felser (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids) and Prof Paul Attfield (University of Edinburgh), respectively. Giuditta Perversi from the Attfield Group also did an excellent job of presenting her recent study of unconventional magnetic order in a frustrated spinel oxide.

It was a fantastic few days in Liverpool that ended with a beautiful sunset over Anfield Football Stadium during the conference banquet.

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