Jen presents at the ILL/ESS User Meeting

Jen had a very exciting trip to Lund for the ILL/ESS User Meeting last week. This meeting is held biannually and showcases the work going on at the ILL and ESS as well as the wider user community. Jen had the opportunity to present some of her recent work on LiYbO2 using data from the ILL and ISIS. A highlight of the meeting was the opportunity to be some of the first external visitors to see the ESS, which was absolutely incredible. Only a few instruments are in their place at the moment but Jen got to see the tungsten target wheel and the giant hole it will one day live before its covered in concrete!

There was also a fantastic conference dinner with the most flamboyant table service imaginable and a trip to Copenhagen where Jen took a boat tour and visited Niels Bohr’s grave.

Thanks to all the organisers and speakers for a great meeting!

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