September Update

Blue Wall 4 LaughThis month has been a busy and exciting start to the new academic year. After his arrival in the group, Aly joined Kate and Lucy on their first high-pressure neutron scattering experiment on the PEARL beamline at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility. While there, Lucy performed with her band of neutron scatterers, Life is Elsewhere, at the 2018 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Music and Dance Festival.

At the end of the month, Lucy also joined the Goodwin Group for their research retreat in Andalusia. It was an amazing week of getting to know more about the group’s research, as well as having space to think about new research and teaching directions in Liverpool, and sharing best practice in all kinds of things, from grant writing to giving a good lecture. As well as the Goodwin Group, former group members Dr Joe Paddison (now at Cambridge) and Dr Matt Cliffe (now at Nottingham) were also there, as well as Dr Phoebe Allan who recently took up a Birmingham Fellowship. Thank you so much to Andrew for inviting Lucy along, and to the whole group for being so welcoming and for such an inspiring week.

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