Dr Kate Tustain Passes her Viva!!

Congratulations to Dr Kate Tustain for her successful PhD viva! Well done Kate, we are pleased to announce that Kate has passed her viva with minors, and she stands as the first Clark group member to achieve this. Her examiner expressed that she had written one of the best theses they had read due to the flow and presentation of information.

Kate had lots of opportunities to travel during her PhD, both for experiments at the ISIS neutron and muon facility, Diamond Light Source and Institut Laue-Langevin, and for conferences in Hong Kong and San Francisco. Thank you to all these places for the beamtime and scientific support that made Kate’s thesis possible, and for the University of Liverpool for funding.

Celebrations of Kates PhD completion began at 1pm at the green heart with cava, Blue moon and some relieved conversation. As more members of the group arrived to congratulate Kate it became clear that we required more celebration, after all, this was the culmination of 4 years of hard work! The group pressed on for light refreshment at a central Birmingham pub before enjoying a relaxed cocktail or two, (delicious espresso martinis). The festivities continued as we ventured to a local karaoke bar where we agreed no film or photos would be taken, a very sensible suggestion. After 12 hours of fun it is safe to say we will all miss Kate as a group and we wish her the best with her future, don’t be a stranger Kate, we will miss you a lot! 

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