Jen takes part in I’m a Scientist – Get me out of here!

For the past month, Jen has been taking part in an outreach activity called I’m a Scientist! This project aims to connect school students with real life scientists across a variety of fields, so students can ask their important questions to the scientists and find out about careers, different areas of science or just what scientists favourite colours are! The activity takes place as a series of chats which are booked by schools and students that take part can then ask any extra questions they come up with later on the website.

Jen had a brilliant time being part of the orange zone, and was really impressed with all the students questions. Some were about science, like “what do magnets have to do with nuclear reactors?”, but she also really enjoyed it when they talked about other things like hobbies, favourite cakes and what her superpower would be (X-ray vision in case you’re wondering, think how much time that would save in the lab)! Jen also really enjoyed meeting all the other scientists that took part, it is very interesting to learn about completely different areas of research to our own, and the sort of career paths that people can take.

Some of Jen’s favourite questions from the month

  • Is the heart or brain the most important organ?
  • Is it possible to create a snake with legs?
  • Is space time different from earth time?

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