Jen Graham and Rich Lyons Join the Group

Clark Group Summer 2018 – Kate, Brendan, Lucy, Lewis, Jen and Rich (left to right).

This summer we are very pleased to welcome Jen Graham and Rich Lyons to the group. Jen has just completed her third year of an MPhys degree in the Department of Physics and is this year’s recipient of the IOP Ann Marks Memorial Prize for her outstanding contribution to the promotion of Physics through public engagement with school students. Jen has also been awarded an EPSRC Vacation Bursary to work alongside Lucy this summer on the Royal Society Research Project on elucidating the role of chemical disorder in quantum spin liquid candidates. Rich has just finished his third year of an MChem degree, during which he worked with Dr Tom Hasell on the synthesis and characterisation of self-healing sulphur polymers. Rich has been awarded a bursary from Department of Chemistry for his excellent performance in experimental Chemistry throughout his degree and will be working with Kate to develop our studies of kagome antiferromagnets. Welcome to the group, Jen and Rich!

We are also sad to see our project students Lewis and Brendan leave the group this month – it has been a real pleasure working with them both over the past academic year. Brendan will soon be starting the final year of his MChem degree and will spend the summer working with Unilever in the Materials Innovation Factory. Finally, congratulations to Lewis on the successful completion of his MChem and we wish him all the very best for the start of his PhD in Chemistry with Dr Sam Chong.


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