Jen Wins Most Creative Poster at the EPN Campus Student Day

Jen had a great afternoon at the EPN Campus Student Day, which brought together all the PhD students from ILL, ESRF, IBS and EMBL to network and learn about all the cool science going on in the campus. There was two short presentations, followed by two poster sessions, and we are so pleased that JenContinue reading “Jen Wins Most Creative Poster at the EPN Campus Student Day”

Back to in person experiments!

After nearly two years of the pandemic, we are finally getting back to doing experiments as a group, and we’ve done quite a few over the past month! Firstly, Grady got the opportunity to go to Grenoble to join Jen on an experiment on the ID22 beamline at ESRF. This is our groups second visitContinue reading “Back to in person experiments!”

Midlands Mag-Lab Up and Running!

A momentous week for the group as our shiny new Quantum Design MPMS3 instrument was installed. Quantum Design’s MPMS3 is a SQUID magnetometer for magnetic property measurements of materials. Our system has a wide range for measurement capability, with high and low temperature, high pressure, ultra-low field and electric transport options available. This exciting newContinue reading “Midlands Mag-Lab Up and Running!”

Aly Presents at the Condensed Matter Physics Seminars

Today, Aly had the opportunity to present a seminar at the School of Physics Condensed Matter Physics Seminar Series, here at the University of Birmingham. Aly gave a great talk, which included an overview of his work into frustrated magnets across dimensions, and how this can affect the magnetic ground state. Thanks to everyone thatContinue reading “Aly Presents at the Condensed Matter Physics Seminars”

Jen Presents her Birmingham Materials Chemistry Seminar

Today, Jen had the opportunity to present some of her latest work to the wider materials chemistry section at Birmingham via their dedicated seminar series. Jen presented an overview to our groups research and then a case study of how we can use neutrons to explore the local and average magnetic structure of materials. TheContinue reading “Jen Presents her Birmingham Materials Chemistry Seminar”

Jen Presents her ILL Seminar

Jen kicked off the year by presenting her second ILL PhD seminar, this time on her own research. These seminars give students an opportunity to present a relatively long seminar on their work in a friendly environment, and share with each other all the interesting science going on in the graduate school. Jen presented anContinue reading “Jen Presents her ILL Seminar”

Tristan and Grady Attend the 2021 ISIS Student Meeting

Tristan and Grady got the opportunity to attend the ISIS student conference this week in Oxford. The conference was a lot of fun and it was great to actually engage with other humans in person as opposed to virtually. Upon arrival, they both took a tour of the ISIS facility including the multiple coloured beamlines suitableContinue reading “Tristan and Grady Attend the 2021 ISIS Student Meeting”

Jen works with the ILL Summer School

For the past month, Jen has been supervising a student, Linn Rykkje, as part of the ILL and ESRF summer school – a month long school which gives undergraduate and Masters levels students the chance to learn about and experience working at central facilities. As part of the school, students get to take the leadContinue reading “Jen works with the ILL Summer School”