Aly Presents at the Materials Chemistry Seminar

Within the Chemistry department at the University of Birmingham there is a new seminar series which has just started on the subject of Materials Chemistry. This is to link the wide variety of materials chemists across the department, so we can understand what work is happening in other groups, and maybe get advice or ideas from other groups that we wouldn’t normally have a chance to connect with.

Today marked the first ever seminar, which from now on will occur once a month. Aly gave the first ever presentation in this series, with a talk on his work on the titanium co-ordination frameworks. Aly’s talk was excellent as he also gave a nice overview of our groups work and our main motivations. Following Aly was Dr. Georgia Orton from Neil Champness’ group with a great talk on MOFs and trying to make a ship in a bottle. This was all chaired by Dr Stephen Fielding who has just taken up a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship at Birmingham.

These seminars are run by a selection of PhD and post-doc volunteers from across the materials groups, including our very own Aly, Sam and Tristan!

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