Jacob and Ed’s Masters Project Presentations

Jacob and Ed took part in their interim project presentations along with other masters students in the materials research groups today. This was a great opportunity to both learn more about the other research going on within the other materials groups and to practice giving presentations outside of our group. They had the unique opportunity to go into more detail than others as a “double act”, with Ed starting off giving his presentation on the literature and context of the investigation into ZnV2O4, and Jacob following up with a presentation on the experimental techniques they were using and some of their preliminary results. Both Jacob and Ed enjoyed learning about the rest of the research going on in the department, and a particular highlight was the presentation on performing chromatography in a biro as a way of teaching A-Level students about chromatography!

It was a wonderful learning experience all round, and big thanks to Josh Makepeace, Hamish Yeung and Lucy for hosting the session.

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