Dr Aly Abdeldaim Passes his Viva!

Congratulations to Dr Aly Abdeldaim for his successful PhD viva! Well done Aly, we are pleased to announce that Aly has passed his viva with minors, and is our second PhD student from our group to finish. Aly’s PhD took us on an exploration of exotic magnetism across all dimensions of materials, from the one-dimensional molybdates to two-dimensional square and three-dimensional diamond MOF frameworks. For this, Aly performed lots of experiments at central facilities, and became our groups expert in inelastic neutron scattering (with even the measurement of a perfect roton!). Aly has been such a wonderful and valued member of our group, he was always ready to help the other students with their work and we will miss him a lot.

Congratulations Aly!

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