Sam gives a talk at TEMM 2022

If only Roger Eccleston’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #Oscarshavenothingonus

Sam was recently invited to give a talk at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source’s Theoretical and Experimental Magnetism Meeting. Talks covered a diverse range of current research in the field of magnetism, with the title of Sam’s talk being “Realisations of the S = 1/2 kagome ferromagnet in coordination frameworks.” He really enjoyed the opportunity to present some recent work done in collaboration with group members past and present (Kate, Aly, Tristan and Otto), as well as instrument scientists on WISH (Pascal Manuel, ISIS) and GPS (Chennan Wang and Hubertus Luetkens, PSI). It was a great opportunity and really good to be back presenting in person after a few years of virtual talks.

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