Back to in person experiments!

After nearly two years of the pandemic, we are finally getting back to doing experiments as a group, and we’ve done quite a few over the past month!

Firstly, Grady got the opportunity to go to Grenoble to join Jen on an experiment on the ID22 beamline at ESRF. This is our groups second visit to ID22, and this time we attempted our first ever PDF experiment! We collected lots of wiggles, and are now trying to understand what they mean. Thanks a lot to our instrument scientist, Giorgia Confalonieri for all her hardwork running the experiment over the weekend.

Of course, a trip to Grenoble was not complete without a visit to La Ferme à Dédé, a restaurant serving local Dauphinoise cuisine!

Then Aly, Jen and Grady did 3 experiments at ISIS. Firstly, Aly did an INS experiment on the cold neutron spectrometer, LET. We were able to collect some excellent data, and even made a beautiful measurement of a roton!

Jen followed this up with an experiment on WISH, exploring the magnetic structure of one of her materials. Previously, we were unable to resolve the splitting of some of these peaks, which made solving the complex magnetic structure difficult, but we collected some beautiful data, so hopefully this will be solved soon.

Finally, Aly finished the week with another experiment on WISH, a follow up to his earlier LET experiment.

Many thanks to our instrument scientists, Goran Nielsen and Pascal Manuel for all of their help over the week!

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