New Lab Equipment Installed


Today was an immensely exciting day for the group as we set up our first pieces of equipment in our chemistry laboratory. We have two, brand new ovens from Carbolite-Gero: a 120 L fan-assisted oven with variable fan speed and a 60 L oven with an 8-stage programmable temperature controller. Both ovens can heat to 300 °C, and we will be using them to heat our new PTFE-lined stainless steel autoclaves made for us by the Department of Chemistry’s Mechanical Workshop team. Together, they will allow us to develop solvothermal synthetic chemistry for the discovery of new quantum materials!


We are incredibly grateful to the University of Liverpool for providing Lucy with start-up support to purchase this equipment, Carbolite for their product advice, and the very the kind people in Lab 1.85 for helping Lucy get the ovens out of the basement and on to the lab bench where they belong.

We are also looking forward to the delivery of a high-temperature 1800 °C tube furnace for the lab in the next couple of months.


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